Imperator Caesar Vespasianus Augustus

AD9 ~ AD79

Imperator Caesar Vespasianus Augustus born in 9, was the emperor of Rome from 69 to 79 and was the forth and final emperor of the "year of the four emperors".


He is known for starting the construction of the Colusseum.

His military career started in 36 when he joined the army; during a three year period he rose to the position of Aedile in the roman public office, enabling him to enforce public order. This was a stepping stone to high political office. When Claudius became emperor in 41 he was appointed legate of Legio II Augusta an infantry assault unit. During the Roman invasion of Britain, he fought 30 battles, subdued two powerful nations, invaded and captured 20 towns and set up a fortress and headquarters at Isca Dummoniorum. He was elected consul in 51 after which he retired from public life. In 63 he came out of retirement and was sent to Africa Province as governor where he was said to be an honourable and upright ruler. After his return from Africa he travelled Greece but was looked down upon by the current ruler Nero after not paying sufficient attention to his playing of the Lyre.

During the year of the four emperors, the followers of the deceased emperor Otho were looking for a new candidate to pledge their support to. Vespasian was chosen and so his rule, which lasted for 10 years, began.

During this reign he restored discipline to his army and set about to repairing the empires finances by initiating new taxes and restoring old ones. He filtered out the unfit and unworthy members of the senate and kept only the noble and trustworthy.

His reign ended upon his death caused by an intestinal inflammation.

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