Marcus Aurelius Carus

AD282 ~ AD283

Marcus Aurelius Carus was born in 230 and was educated in Rome and eventually rose to become a senator. He then served in the army before the emperor Probus appointed prefect of the Praetorian guard in 282. Once Probus was killed by his soldiers, a clear path was left for Carus to rule over the empire, though never formally returning to Rome.


He had two sons, Carinus and Numerian who received the title of Caesar from their father. With this newly found power, Carinus was left in charge of the western regions of the empire and Numerian followed his father on an expedition against the Persians. There were many battles to avenge former defeats of the Romans against the Sassanids spread over several eastern regions and the victories earned Carus the title of Persicus Maximus.

His death was to come soon after a violent storm, records recount that his death was a result of disease, a lightening strike or a wound that had been received during a previous campaign. He was succeeded in 283 by his son Numerian. 

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