Julius Nepos

Julius Nepos was born in 430 and was given power over the western empire by his “uncle in –law” to end the reign of Glycerius. As Leo was officially the sole emperor he had the rightful power to choose who he wished to divide his empire with.


Nepos reigned from 474 over the Italian region and several adjoining areas. During his reign he tried to consolidate as much of the empire as possible which included regaining the region of Gaul currently in the hands of the Visigoths in exchange for several minor regions. Unfortunately he was unable to negotiate with the vandals as they continued to launch attacks off the coast of Italy.

Nepos was a very capable emperor but considered unpopular by the Roman senate because of his close ties with Leo and the eastern empire. Next he made the unfortunate mistake of electing Orestes as his commanding general who later turned on Nepos taking control of the government and troops forcing him to flee home to Dalmatia.

He continued to rule in Dalmatia until he was murdered by his soldiers in 480.

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