Constantine I

Gaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus

AD306 ~ 337

Gaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus was born in 272 to roman general Constantius Chlorus who in 292 left his mother to marry the daughter of emperor Maximian.


In his early years he served in the court of diocletianus and when his father became emperor as a result of Maximians retirement he was not made Caesar but still followed his father on expedition to Gaul. His father fell ill and died in 306 and the troop immediately proclaimed Constantine Augustus though this was not legitimate. Constantine proceeded to ask Galerius who at the time was emperor of the east, if he could retain his fathers throne he was instead given the title of Caesar and Severus replaced his father as Augustus.

In 307 Maxentius wished to wage war on Severus and Galerius, his father Maximian approached Constantine to see if he was able to get him to side with him, Constantine agreed to become an ally and to seal the deal, married the daughter of Maximian and was promoted to Augustus. When Constantine did not hold up his end of the deal Maximian tried to overthrow him and failed, Maximian was then forced to abdicate and Constantine was once again reduced to Caesar. Maximian was killed while rebelling against his son in-law and following his death both Constantine and maxi minus Daia were raised to the position of Augustus by Galerius meaning that there were then four official augusti, along with Licinius and Galerius.

Following the death of Galerius, Licinius and Constantine banded together and created an agreement granting tolerance to all religions within the empire, this was called the Edict of Milan.

In 317 Constantine’s sons Crispus  and Constantine II along with Licinius’s son Licinianus were announced as Caesars.

In 324 after numerous battles, Constantine became the sole emperor of the whole roman empire.

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