Claudius II

Marcus Aurelius Claudius Augustus Gothicus

AD268 ~ AD270

Marcus Aurelius Claudius Augustus Gothicus was born in 213 and was the commander of the Roman army at the time that they fought the battle of Naissus and defeated the Goths. He rose to the throne after the death of Gallienus who he was said to have murdered but that was never proven.


His greatest military achievement was the battle of Naissus where he destroyed the Gothic cavalry and after their retreat it would be another hundred years before they tried to attack again.

He then turned on the Gallic empire and soon regained control over Spain and Gaul. This would lay the foundations for future emperor Aurelian to regain control over he entire western empire once more.

In 269 while preparing to go to war once more, this time against the Vandals, he fell ill with the plague and died in early 270. Before his death he is said to have elevated Aurelian to replace him but for a brief period the empire was taken over by Claudius’s brother Quintillus.

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