Septimius Severus

Lucius Septimius Severus

AD146 ~ AD211

Lucius Septimius Severus born in 146 and ruled from 193 to 211.


Severus was the first Roman emperor to be born in Africa and although his family was only of equestrian rank, he was made a senator by Marcus Aurelius in 172 and 18 years later became consul. After Pertinax was murdered, his troops proclaimed him emperor and he proceeded to Italy to claim his rule. Here he found self proclaimed emperor Julianus who he had condemned to death and then took possession of the throne, he also offered the governor of Britannia, Clodius Albinus, the position of Caesar which would imply some claim to succession. 

At the same time Pescennius Niger had been proclaimed emperor by the legions of Syria and he and Severus battled for power in the battle of Issus which Severus won.

After a few years Severus declared his son Caracalla would succeed him on the throne which sparked a war between Severus and Albinus and once again Severus was victorious.

Severus was a ruler who sought respect and power through military conquests and as a result he was never in favour with the Roman senate. He consequently had many members of the senate put to death for reasons of conspiring against him and replaced them with men of his choice.

The roman citizens adored him as during his reign he In 211 he fell ill and died leaving his son to take over.

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