Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus

AD165 ~ AD238

Decius Caelius Calvinus Balbinus as an elderly senator was elected as co-emperor in 238. Both he and his co-ruler Pupienus Maximus had both been on a board who were in charge of discovering a way to deal with the emperor Maximinus. They were an unpopular choice with the public who threw sticks and stones at them and the senate were forced to elect Gordian III as emperor to appease the roman population. Pupienus was sent onto the battle field at the head of an army to face Maximinus while Balbinus remained in Rome.


While Pupienus was away, the city of Rome began to riot and Balbinus was unable to control the situation, the city burned by fire and mutinous soldiers were too much for Balbinus to handle on his on. On the return of Pupienus, the city became relatively calm but there was still an underlying sense of unease. The two men quarreled frequently and could never agree on anything or trust each other and the praetorian guard eventually seized them both and tortured and murdered them leaving Gordian III as sole ruler.

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