Flavius Galerius Valerius Licinianus

AD308 ~ 324

Flavius Galerius Valerius Licinianus was born in 250 was of peasant lineage and as a middle aged man joined the army and followed good friend Galerius on the Persian expedition. Once the emperor Severus was killed, Licinius was elevated by Galerius to the position of Augustus to maintain the western front with command over Illyricum, Thrace and Pannonia.


In 311 after the death of Galerius it was Maximinus Daia and himself who held the empire in their hands. After a failed attack on him by Maximinus, Licinius defeated him in a counter attack at the battle of Tzirallum, and took over ruling the east while his brother in law Constantine ruled the western empire.

This arrangement was not to last long when a civil was erupted between the two brothers in 314 and again 2 years later. The emperors eventually put their differences aside and reconciled.

In 324 however Constantine felt compelled to wage war once again and this time was successful in defeating Licinius and eventually had him assassinated. 

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