Glycerius was born in 420 and was a member of the imperial court before his rise to power. Following the death of Olybrius he was chosen to ascend the throne in 473 but as with other emperors was not recognised by the Emperor of the eastern empire, Leo.


During his reign there were several battles against both the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths. Following the invasion of Gaul by the Ostrogoths Glycerius sent the roman army into the area and managed to prevent two branches of Goths from joining together attacking Rome as one.

Rather than stand by and refuse to accept this emperor as ruler, Leo the emperor of the eastern empire appointed Julius Nepos to the position of emperor of the west and provided him with a powerful army. Nepos led his army to the port city of Ostia near Rome in 474 where Glycerius happened to be residing and soon Glycerius surrendered to Nepos. He was allowed to continue living and two years later the two men met again and at that time Nepos had been deserted by his troops and was forced to flee to the same area that he had sent Glycerius previously.

The date of Glycerius’ death is unknown.

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