Earliest records mentioning Allectus state that he was the treasurer of Carasius and anything prior to that was of minor importance. He was an officer in the Roman Navy and once Constantius Chlorus started taking away the land held by Carausius, Allectus saw this as the best opportunity to take power for himself and assassinated Carausius.


There are few records documenting his reign but it is known that he released coins in Bononia bearing his resemblance and this in itself is enough to show that Constantius’s recapture of the region was not enough to completely eliminate the support for the rebel empire.

In 296 Constantius took to the sea and managed due to heavy fog, to bypass the ships watching out for enemies and was able to set fire to his ships near the coast. As Allectus’s forces attempted to retreat from the coast, they were cornered by several more of Constantius’s divisions and this resulted in a battle in which Allectus was killed.

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