Alexander Severus

Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander

AD208 ~ AD235

Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexandrus was born in 208 and became emperor at 13. He was guided by his mother who surrounded her son with many wise counsellors but unfortunately neither her or her son were strong enough to control the armies or impose discipline and mutinies were frequent.


In 234 his armies were called to stand up against German invaders who were over-running the country side. Originally he tried to bribe them to gain time but this caused his soldiers to look down on him for conduct that isn’t soldier-like and no intention to pursue an honourable attack to defend their country. This drove his soldiers to look for a new leader which they found in Gaius Iulius Verus Maximinus a Thracian soldier.

Although considered amiable and well meaning and did much to improve to morals of the people, he had no military ability and as a result he and his mother were both slain in 235. Maximinus was chosen to rule and the deaths secured his position on the throne.

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