Gordian II

Marcus Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus Romanus Africanus

AD192 ~ AD238

Born in 192 was the son of Gordian I.

During the reign of Elagabalus he served as a quaestor, a state official who looked after the treasury, and served as a praetor, a magistrate of sorts, during the reign of Alexander Severus.


In 237, under his fathers command he went to the Africa roman provinces as governor. In 238 his father took a stand against current ruler Maximinus but because of his old age, his son assisted him and became attached to the throne. They were supported by the senate and were popular with the roman public. The battle of Carthage began, between a neighbouring legion led by Capelianus who was a supporter of Maximinus. At this time Gordian II was head of the militia army but the soldiers were untrained and not much use on the battlefield. Gordian II was killed in this battle.

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