Anicius Olybrius was a member of a noble roman family and in 464 was made consul and married Placidia the daughter of the previous Emperor Valentinian III.

In 461 and 465 Geiseric, the father in law of Placidia’s older sister, attempted to have Olybrius made Emperor but it seems that Olybrius wasn’t interested in the power or fame.

Leo, the Emperor of the East, requested that Olybrius go to Italy in 472 to assist the emperor Anthemius against retaliation from his son in law Ricimer. Olybrius and Ricimer entered into negotiations and it was following this that he was proclaimed emperor against his will. Anthemius was killed a short time later and Olybrius took over the throne without any rival.

Later that year he died of natural causes ending his otherwise uneventful reign. 

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