Gordian III

Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius

AD225 ~ AD244

Born in 225 he was the grandson of Gordian I and the nephew of Gordian II.


After the senate had taken it upon themselves to elect two of their own men as co-emperors, they were soon to realise that these two men were not a popular choice among the Roman people. They quickly took Gordian III and rose him to the rank of Caesar. He was popular with the Romans as many had been strong supporters of his uncle and grandfather making him a popular heir to the throne.

In 238 Gordian III was proclaimed sole emperor after the murder of Pupienus and Balbinus.
Because he was so young at the time of his ascension to the throne, many of the states affairs were controlled by aristocratic families through the senate. With the help of his father in-law Timesitheus, many battles were won, but after his father in-law’s mysterious death his campaign and security were both at risk.
A new praetorian prefect was elected and Marcus Julius Philippus continued where Timesitheus left off. In 244 however their enemy counter attacked and Gordian III was killed. He was succeeded by Praetorian Prefect Philip.

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