Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius

AD201 ~ AD251

Born in 201 and served as consul in 232. He had a long succession of high authority positions such as governor of Moesia, Germania Inferior, and Hispania Tarraconensis until 238 and became urban prefect of Rome during the reign of Philip the Arab.


In 248 Decius was sent by Philip to calm a revolt occurring in Moesia which came about when a peace treaty was signed by Philip and the Sassanid’s. The troops forced Decius to claim the throne as his own, Decius claimed he was still loyal to Philip but when Philip and his armies advanced upon him he was forced to fight back and was victorious when Philip was killed.
Decius was recognised as emperor by the senate and was known as and excellent soldier and capable administrator. He restored strength to the State and attempted to renovate the state religion.

He was slain by the Goths during battle in 251 and was the first emperor to be killed by barbarians in battle. This battle also claimed the life of his son Herennius Etruscus.

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