Didius Julianus

Marcus Didius Salvius Julianus Severus

AD133 or AD137 ~ AD193

Marcus Severus Didius Julianus born in 133 and ruled in 193.

After the death of Pertinax, Julianus who was a senator at the time, proclaimed himself as the new emperor, and this act in itself triggered a brief civil war which was won by Julianus's successor Septimius Severus who then ordered the his execution.


He was born to a noble family from Milan but was raised by the mother of Marcus Aurelius. Once Pertinax died the throne was auctioned off, with Julianus as the winner as he offered more money to the soldiers and the military subsequently pressuring the senate.

Three generals in different parts of the empire were opposed to this idea and rose in rebellion. Julianus saw that his military power would be futile when battling the combined armies and asked the senate to appoint one of the generals (Septimius Severus) as co-ruler. Severus however was already too close to Rome and quickly overthrew him ordering his execution.

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