Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus

AD53 ~ AD117

Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus born in 53 and ruled as emperor from 98 to 117. He was the son of a prominent senator and general.


From a young age he was a member of the roman army and rose through the ranks, in 76 to 77 his father became Governor of Syria where Trajan was nominated as Consul. The Emperor Domitian’s successor Nerva was unpopular with the army and to gain their support adopted Trajan to become his successor as he was highly respected.

He freed many who had been imprisoned during Domitian’s reign and redistributed property that Domitian had claimed as his own, continuing what Nerva had set out to achieve before his death.

In 101 he launched an attack into the kingdom of Dacia and was successful, a year later the army advanced further forcing the regions’ king to submit to him as he took over the capital. He returned to Rome triumphant and 5 years later the entire region had been conquered successfully.

Many other battles were fought during his reign until in 117 he fell ill and died. His successor Hadrian was said to have been adopted by him before his death but rumour has it that Trajan’s wife had an impersonator adopt Hadrian after Trajan had died.  

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