Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

AD12 ~ AD41

Full name Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, but known as Caligula, he ruled from 37 to 41 and was the adoptive grandson of Augustus.


He was the third roman emperor and was known for his extravagance eccentricity depravity and cruelty, his reign ended in 41 after his assassination by his own guards.

Alleged to have had incestuous relations with his sisters he was also alleged to have been thinking about appointing his favourite horse to a seat on the senate. Most accounts of his reign are made up of things that allegedly happened as opposed to an actual documented history.

His name comes from the word ‘calugula’ meaning little soldier’s boot, a nickname that was given to him at the age of three when his parents would take him on military campaigns and dress him up in a small soldiers uniform including boots and armour. 

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