Publius Helvius Pertinax

AD126 ~ AD193

Publius Helvius Pertinax born in 126 and ruled for a short period in 193. In his early life he was a teacher of Grammar but eventually became a commissioned officer after he sought a more rewarding and fulfilling career. During the Parthian war he was promoted several times and became governor of the provinces of upper and lower Moesia, Dacia, Syria and finally became the governor of Britain.


Later he took a role in the Roman senate until he was forced out of public life by a praetorian prefect. 3 years later he was recalled to Britain to assist the officers as its army was in a state of mutiny, but he and his bodyguard were both attacked. After his recovery he managed to severely punish his mutineers and was regarded from then on as using harsh disciplinary measures. He was later forced to resign for this reason as his army had grown resentful and hostile towards him.

Pertinax was proclaimed Roman emperor the day after Commodus was murdered in 193 and his reign lasted only 86 days. It was said that a group of over 300 disgruntled soldiers stormed the palace for the reason that they had only received half their promised pay.

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